High speed custom made motor elements

Through continuous improvement, investment in the latest technology and the highest level of Development Engineers, Sycotec are able to offer customised high speed rotors and stators:

Asynchronous (AC 3 phase)

  • Power: 5W to 300kW
  • Rotors: Aluminium die cast, Aluminium alloy die cast, copper and copper die cast
  • Speed: max 300,000 rpm

Synchronous (BLDC 3 phase)

  • Power 5W to 500kW with facilities to 1.2mW
  • Rotors: NdFeB (Neodymium) or SmCo (Samarium Cobalt) with steel/CFK (Carbo Fibre Kevlar) armouring
  • Speed: max 200,000 rpm

The production facility is such that they can produce proto-types (1 offs) to medium sized production runs. Their expertise is in the design and production of high efficiency, maximum precision and high quality products to meet the demands of customers exacting needs.

SycoTec are often able to supply individual Stators or Rotors to custom designs.

Custom Motors and Generators:

SycoTec can in some cases provide development and manufacture of complete motors including testing and verification with a high vertical range of manufacture, features include:

  • Stators moulded; with / without housings
  • Manufacturing of components (shafts, etc.)
  • FEM calculation
  • Verification with motor test bench


Special-Purpose Machines

Optimised drive solutions from SycoTec enjoy an especially good reputation in this area. If Sycotec’s comprehensive product range is unable to meet the customer requirements, then with close collaboration a solution can usually be found achieving maximum machining precision even for restricted design space. The possible applications are wide-ranging: we guarantee exact machining of practically all materials with multi-functional milling machines, precise depaneling and further processing of semiconductors in PCB routers as well as high-speed machining of metal and plastic on flat-bed plotters or milling and engraving routers.

Sycotec’s many years of experience in the high-speed machining of metal and plastic on flatbed plotters, milling and engraving machines as well as manufacturing within extremely small installation spaces, ensures that special customer requirements can be implemented.


Machine Tools

SycoTec’s high frequency motor spindles, electric motors and motor elements are the most important and reliable tools for your production. Whether deburring, cutting, engraving or milling before drilling – the drive solutions from SycoTec impress with high power density, long service life as well as outstanding performance. They are also extremely resistant to environmental influences.

Through the Sycotec/Principle Engineering partnership we provide a friendly, competent service at all times addressing any of your questions and special requests. We are in the perfect position to work with you to develop your ideal solution.


Dental / Medical Technology

Prosthetic dentistry represents the height of SycoTec’s cutting-edge technical capabilities. Such work must be performed at high speeds with components that guarantee extreme precision but are still inexpensive – the perfect task for Sycotec’s powerful motor spindles.

Using 4 to 5-axis milling machines, the spindle speeds allow rapid realisation of precise CAD models in different materials such as ceramics or metal. In the dental CAD/CAM application, a dental prosthesis is created as a perfect representation of the teeth by scanning the existing teeth and using state-of-the-art methods to convert the prosthetic parts to be added into digital models.


Automotive / Aerospace

SycoTec moves everything that rotates. Whether on the road or in the air, high-performance drives from SycoTec are ideal for numerous applications in the automotive industry, offering maximum precision at the highest speeds. Our motor spindles are ideal for robot use in vehicle production, grinding weld seams, milling dashboards, internal grinding of injection nozzles and pistons as well as drilling and milling tough rubber seals. On Aerospace engine manufacture, under tough operating conditions, SycoTec motor spindles are used in the drilling hundreds of thousands of tiny holes in the turbojet casing of an Airbus A380. Our special build of aviation motors offers powerful assistance when lifting and moving heavy air freight containers in aircraft.

For more information about SycoTec high speed custom made motor elements please take a look at the SycoTec motor elements catalogue or contact us.

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