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Sycotec Spindle Machining

Sycotec are offering a further 20% price reduction in addition to any discount you may currently qualify for. Any brand of spindle can be exchanged.

SycoTec high frequency spindles mean:

    • Low running costs and longer life due to their highly efficient design.
    • Trouble free running with less down time.
    • Your customers enjoy producing higher quality products due to the super high precision built in to each spindle; higher quality and more complex parts means better margins!
    • Highly efficient, extremely reliable and very precise operation, bringing you and your customers significant long term cost savings.

Just a quick note of clarification:

    • This offer is open to all existing and new customers.
    • To qualify for the additional 20% discount, any brand of spindle can be exchanged for any SycoTec spindle from their standard range.
    • The 20% discount is in addition to any OEM discount you may already enjoy.
    • The offer ends: 1st September 2020.

Please contact us for enquiries and further information and we will be happy to help.

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Our guide to handling high precision bearings and assemblies

A ball race is a precision instrument that has been manufactured under highly controlled conditions. To ensure you get the maximum benefit from your bearings please have a look at our guide to handling high precision bearings and assemblies where we discuss tips and recommendations such as:

  • Keeping bearings in a CLEAN, DRY sealed container in their original packing until ready for use;
  • Avoiding contamination from fingers by using latex gloves or a barrier cream should be used when handling bearings or their mating parts; and
  • Taking extra care with open unshielded bearings.

We at Principle Engineering understand that it is not always possible to work in perfect conditions, that is why we hope these minimum standards aim to help you get the best results every time. If we can be of further assistance in the design or application please contact us.

Shows Handling High Precision GRW Bearings and Assemblies with gloves

Sycotec discuss rotors with buried magnets and motor element assemblies for high-speed generators

The latest Sycotec newsletter offers free entrance to IPC DRIVES 2018 and also discusses Sycotec’s new drives with “buried magnets” that bring more power in the medium speed range and their motor element assemblies for high-speed generators.


Classic electric motors with bowl-shaped surface magnets have proven their worth at high speeds. In the medium speed range up to 100 m/s, however, rotors with so-called “buried magnets” promise more power over a larger range of speeds – and at even more favourable series conditions. SycoTec is expanding its product range with this innovative technology. The first models can be seen at SPS IPC Drive in November.

Read all about the back story and advantages on their website: See the full article here.

Rotor with buried magnets

Magnets are held by the rotor plate bringing the following advantages:

• No armouring necessary
• Air gap gets smaller
• Simpler magnet mounting


Heat recovery is being used in more and more areas as a way of converting waste heat into electricity. One of the largest builders of cruise ships also relies on SycoTec components in this area. The engine components currently produced in Leutkirch alone will contribute to a total output of 10 MW in the finished generators – enough to supply electricity for up to 20,000 households.

Motor element assembly for high speed generators

See the full article here.


(technically equivalent to AS 9100D and JISQ 9100:2016 for Aviation, Space and Defence Organisations).

Principle Engineering are proud to announce, that our partners GRW Quality Management System has achieved EN 9100; 2018 accreditation for development, production and sales of high precision ball bearings, bearing units and customised bearings within Aviation, Space and Defence Organisations.

As an integral part of the globally active KAMAN Corporation, GRW are ideally placed to showcase their superior range of ball bearings to the Aviation Space and Defence organisations worldwide.

EN-9100-Certification Aviation

For more than 75 years, GRW is an internationally operating industrial company that holds a globally leading position in the development, production and marketing of highly precise miniature ball bearing solutions on the international market. Our target is to work with them to establish successful partnerships with our customers through excellent products and outstanding service. Continuous optimisation of GRW products and processes ensures their growth and sustainable corporate success.

GRW manufacture bearing units and special ball bearings with state-of-the-art production methods. Our customers value our high application know-how and direct dialogue. Based on short development times, they receive precisely fitted technical as well as economically attractive solutions.

You can view a copy of the EN9100:2018 certification HERE.

For more information or technical support please contact us HERE.

Thank you and congratulations GRW from everyone at Principle Engineering.

Sycotec Q3 Newsletter – New motor spindles 4033 ER8 and 4036 DC-T, new website and catalogue

Sycotec have released their newest high-frequency motor spindles, the 4033 ER8 and 4036 DC T. With less weight and more compact dimensions, their much smaller space requirement makes them the ideal solution when strong power is needed in small installation spaces. Find more information on these new motor spindles here.

Sycotec this month unveiled their new website and catalogue, with a new ‘information blog’ on the way which aims to offer lots of additional information beyond purely technical documentation through curating a constantly growing knowledge forum. You can select your language of choice using the dropdown on the right hand side of the page.

Click here to see the new Sycotec site.

We’ve created an article that explains duplex bearings in more detail

GRW Duplex Bearing

We are often asked about duplex bearings and assemblies and the benefits of the various ways in which duplex pairs of bearings can be arranged.

Duplex Bearings increase system reliability through providing accurate alignment in both radial and axial directions. This can lead to the elimination of vibration and a higher load capacity (by using controlled stiffness within the duplex).

Please head here for more insights in our Duplex bearings article or contact us for more.

Congratulations to team Quantum


Congratulations to team Quantum, this years F1 in schools team from Denbigh High School who put in a fantastic effort to reach the national finals in Silverstone having won the regional title earlier this year.

A press release of the teams success can be found here.

This is the second year running we have proudly sponsored the team from Denbigh High School who never cease to amaze with their enthusiasm and hard work.

We’ve created a ball bearing and bearing assemblies glossary of terms

Want to now more about duplex pairs, thin section bearings or bearing lubrications? We’ve put together a collection of bearing and bearing assembly terms that we tend to get asked about to help decipher some of the jargon!

Please head here to have a look at our new glossary of ball bearing and bearing assembly terms or contact us for more.