Special Ball Bearings

GRW develops and produces a complete range of custom bearing options, they are able to assist their customers with bearing and assembly design for a vast range of applications from the simple to the extreme.

Super Duplex Bearings

GRW Superduplex bearings are also known as double row deepgroove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings featuring split inner or outer rings. One of the ring sets, either outer or inner, consist of a double row integral set of raceways. This compact design permits easy handling and assembly. The inner or outer split rings are paired according to customer specifications ensuring that GRW bearings will meet the required axial preload.

Extra Duplex Bearings

GRW Extra duplex bearings are double-row deep groove radial bearings or angular contact ball bearings with a split inner or outer ring. One floating ring is accurately preloaded and then laser-welded in place. This style of bearing prevents radial offset or changes in axial preload during assembly.

Tandem Duplex Bearings

Tandem duplex bearings are designed with double-row deep groove bearings. The raceways are extremely close to each other (in the micron range). These bearings are designed to handle both radial loads and axial loads in one direction by ensuring that the load is evenly distributed to all balls.

Bearings with custom Outer Geometries

GRW can produce single or double-row bearings with a spherical faced or grooved outer ring and also can provide moulded and plastic rubber type assemblies.

Integrated Shaft Bearings

Bearing and shaft can be combined to provide an integrated assembly. In this design the raceway is ground on the shaft and the bearing assembly is delivered completely assembled ready to use.

Bearing / Housing Assemblies

For these special designs, the raceway of the outer ring is ground directly into the housing. Complex housings, flanges and threaded mounting holes maintain the tight tolerances necessary for proper installation.

Precision Components

GRW manufactures precision spacers and precision components that incorporate threads, steps, grooves, bores, etc. to tolerances in the micron (µ) range.


If you are unable to find the bearing type that you require, please send us your application details and we will get in touch with you to discuss. For more information about GRW special ball bearings please take a look at the GRW catalogue or contact us.

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