Ball Bearing Assemblies

GRW have decades of experience in the sourcing of components of the highest quality; they ensure their ball bearing assemblies deliver the maximum performance by mounting the bearings into these components within their R10,000 / Class 7 cleanroom, the assemblies are tested and packed within the cleanroom to guarantee consistent, top quality assemblies EVERYTIME.

Using adhesives to mount bearings under axial pre-load is a cost effective way of eliminating play within the assembly; with the use of GRW’s specialist gluing equipment, GRW can achieve highly accurate assemblies with controlled levels of stiffness.

Why purchase an assembly?

  • GRW supply assemblies to your specification.
  • You only order, and stock one item (no matter how many components).
  • Piece of mind.

 For more information about GRW ball bearing assemblies please take a look at the GRW catalogue or contact us.

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