SycoTec inverters use Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) to reduce motor temperature limit EMC interferences and remove influences of electronic equipment while providing high efficiencies.

Sensor-less operation for AC/DC motors enables easy installation without the requirement for an encoder and allow AC/DC operations to be controlled through a software switch.

Torque Compensation ensures:

  • constant speed at load changes
  • constant operation parameters
  • high surface quality for milling and engraving
  • increased tool duration
  • up to 8,000 Hz speed accuracy

Complete Power System makes SycoTec spindle’s and inverters an optimised system without interface problems. Easy commissioning with motor spindle parameters available in the inverter provides increased power output of the motor spindle while placing the system and performance responsibility in one place.

Motor Control with Ultra-fast EMF Control provides:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • High durability
  • Minimised risk of a motor failure
  • Smooth and efficient motor control
  • High reliability

Parameter Set-up via GUI (Graphic User Interface) is simple and fast with SycoTec e@syDrive® 4425 and e@syDrive® 4426 inverters. The inverter communicates with a PC via RS232 port, with easy to use, self-explaining steps and no software installation necessary.

SycoTec inverters offer a low Voltage Service (48 V AC (up to 1,000 VA)) meaning there are low safety requirements. A wide range power supply (100 – 250 V / 50/60 Hz) makes SycoTec Inverters usable world wide.

SycoTec inverters offer a completely digital, reliable system that ensures high precision and reduced brake down risk while being insensitive to external interference.

For more information about SycoTec inverters please take a look at the SycoTec motor spindle catalogue or contact us.

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