Shims, Springs and Circlips

GRW offer a wide range of bearing assembly accessories including high quality Shims, Spring Washers and Retaining Rings.



High precision, burr free shims are critical in applications where axial tolerances need to be controlled.

GRW shims are made of corrosion resistant steel, they are heat-treated, burr-free, and have an extremely fine surface finish.



GRW spring washers are used as a resilient way of axial preloading of ball bearings, they are produced in sizes to suit miniature and small ball bearings. Additional finishing with highly accurate preload tolerances can be implemented for special applications.

GRW spring washers are generally made using corrosion resistant steel, they are heat-treated, burr-free, and have an extremely fine surface finish. As a standard feature, GRW spring washers have 3 waves to ensure even support of the bearing during axial preloading.



GRW manufacture both bore retaining rings and shaft retaining rings. Retaining rings are used to locate bearings on shafts or in housings, they can withstand reasonably light loads in an axial direction. With these applications, it is important to ensure that the face of the retaining ring does not touch the corner radius of the bearing. In this instance GRW recommend the use of a shim.

Made of cold-drawn spring wire, GRW retaining rings are corrosion resistant, are free of burrs and have an extremely constant cross-section.

Assembly of a ball bearing with shaft retaining rings

Assembly of a ball bearing with bore retaining rings

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