Model 702 Ultra Rugged 50.80mm Diameter



The Model 702 is a heavy duty, extremely rugged, reliable, yet compact industry standard 50.8mm diameter encoder, designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments. The double shielded ball bearings are rated at 35 kg maximum axial and radial shaft loading to ensure a long operating life. Made to withstand the harsh effects of the real world, both the flange and servo models are rated IP65 with the option of an extra heavy duty shaft seal. With a variety of mounting options in both the flange and servo models, the Model 702 is ideal for both new application and replacements. If you need an encoder that won’t let you down, the Model 702 is it.


  • Standard Size 20 Package (50mm x 50mm)
  • Flange, and Servo Mounting
  • Up to 30,000 PPR
  • 35 kg Max. Axial and Radial Shaft Loading
  • IP65 Sealing Available

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Model 702 Encoder Data Sheet

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