Model 758 – 58mm Euro-Standard



The Model 758 is a heavy duty, extremely rugged, reliable, yet compact European standard 58 mm diameter encoder, designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments. Shaft loading is no problem for the double-shielded ball bearings; their 36Kg load rating ensures a long operating life. If fitted with the optional heavy-duty shaft seal, the Model 758 is rated IP65. Two standard mounting options are available: Clamping Flange (20 type) or Synchro Flange (26 type). The Model 758 is the perfect replacement encoder for units requiring the popular European mount.


  • Standard Size 58 Mounting (58 mm Diameter)
  • Up to 30,000 PPR
  • 36Kg Max. Axial and Radial Shaft Loading
  • High Temperature Option (100º C)
  • IP65 Sealing Available

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Model 758 Encoder Data Sheet

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