Sycotec Spindle Machining

Sycotec are offering a further 20% price reduction in addition to any discount you may currently qualify for. Any brand of spindle can be exchanged.

SycoTec high frequency spindles mean:

    • Low running costs and longer life due to their highly efficient design.
    • Trouble free running with less down time.
    • Your customers enjoy producing higher quality products due to the super high precision built in to each spindle; higher quality and more complex parts means better margins!
    • Highly efficient, extremely reliable and very precise operation, bringing you and your customers significant long term cost savings.

Just a quick note of clarification:

    • This offer is open to all existing and new customers.
    • To qualify for the additional 20% discount, any brand of spindle can be exchanged for any SycoTec spindle from their standard range.
    • The 20% discount is in addition to any OEM discount you may already enjoy.
    • The offer ends: 1st September 2020.

Please contact us for enquiries and further information and we will be happy to help.

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