Model 25T Thru-Bore Encoder



Introducing the next generation of high performance encoders – the Model 25T. As contemporary as its appearance, the Model 25T features the largest thru-bore available in a 63.50mm encoder, mounting directly on shafts as large as 28 mm. With resolutions of up to 10,000 PPR, and frequencies of up to 1MHz this industrial strength encoder is perfect for fast revving motors. The 25T features the next generation of proprietary Opto-ASIC sensor which provides superior accuracy and precision counts. The injection molded housing, made from a blend of nylon composites, is grooved with “cooling fins” and can take the extreme heat of the motion control industry. With sealing available of up to IP65 and many new rugged flexible mounting options, the Model 25T can perform in demanding industrial environments.


  • 63.50mm Opto-Asic Encoder with a low profile (50mm)
  • Bore Sizes Ranging From 0.50″ to 28mm
  • Resolutions to 10,000 PPR
  • Versitile Flexible Mounting Options
  • RoHS Compliant

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Model 25T Encoder Data Sheet

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