Model 760 Commutated Thru-Bore / Blind-Bore



The 760N encoder is configured with either a full thru-bore (which may be fixed at either end of the shaft), or with a blind-bore which uses the front shaft fixing only. The encoder body is retained by means of 2 flexible mountings, or by a single adjustable radius fixing, which compensate for minor shaft misalignment. This encoder can now be provided with commutation signals for use with brushless motor control. Output circuits available include 5-24V RS422, 5-24V push-pull or 5-24V input / NPN open-collector. This encoder also now uses the same pioneering Opto-Asic technology used in the model 260 encoder.


  • Size 25 / 63.5 mm Diameter (Hollow Shaft)
  • Up to 12 Pole Commutation Available
  • Thru-Bore or Blind-Bore Options
  • Simple, Innovative Flexible Mounting System
  • Incorporates Opto-ASIC Technology

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Model 760 Encoder Data Sheet

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